Market Prospects of Property in Turkey

The global financial crisis practically did not affect the Turkish economy, primarily because of the relatively small development of mortgage lending. Housing continues to be built. And contrary to all rumors, the prices for it are stable, there is no drop in prices, growth, too, with the exception of a slight price increase by some construction companies.


Property for sale in Turkey, you get European service at a low price, in comparison with European countries. Thus, even when buying a holiday home, you save money decently. Maintenance of a house or apartment here will cost you less than in Europe. And hurry, because in the long term, housing prices are expected to rise in connection with Turkey’s accession to the European Union.

Property for sale in Turkey, you must pay a tax on the purchase, which is 3% of the value of the property.In Turkey, there is a compulsory insurance of real estate from an earthquake.

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